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Song Facts
Album: My Arms, Your Hearse
Release Date: 1998
Track Title: When
Track Number: 3
Track Length: 0:00
Posted By A-Daamage
I decided to choose "When" as the first song to muse on, so to speak, as it is easily my favorite Opeth song. The intro to the song seems to be the perfect embodiment of the Opeth dynamic: a mellow, silky clean guitar passage that is instantly identifiable as Opethian in sound, immediately followed by a vicious death roar by Mikael and the band blasting away with enormous ferocity. The constantly shifting mood of the song while remaining seamless in its transitions is what keeps Opeth such a rare and refreshing band.

And I could never talk about this song without mentioning what is perhaps the greatest ending to any song, ever. Moving from a magnificent mood change around the six-minute mark and over three minutes long, constantly building to a tumultuous climax, Mikael's voice has never sounded better (and he had a raging head cold while doing all the vocals for this album). I defy you to not get chills after the dust settles from this masterpiece of a song (and album as well, as I consider My Arms, Your Hearse their defining opus). Most Opeth fans will tell you that "Demon Of The Fall" is the greatest song on the album (and even of all their albums, some will argue), and while I agree that it is a fantastic song, it doesn't match the overwhelming swirl of emotions that "When" so effortlessly cascades upon the listener. This is Opeth's true shining moment and My Arms, Your Hearse is as rare and starkly beautiful as a wild lotus growing in an October-cold graveyard.

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