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Frequently Asked Questions

Opeth - Related Questions

Who is Opeth?

First and foremost, Opeth is a band. They play what can probably best be described as "progressive death metal," but if you don't know what that is, just imagine great classical music played with electric guitars.

Death Metal? Do they scream?

I prefer the term "growl," but yeah, they do indeed growl in their songs. They sing too, by the way. Unlike a lot of bands, though, you do not need to like growling to like Opeth, but be warned that it is deliciously heavy. EDIT: On the Lamentations DVD, Mikael refers to it as "screaming," so I guess I lose.

What does the word Opeth mean?

Mikael joined a band called Opet, which he learned was taken from a book by Wilbur Smith. That band fell through, and somewhere along the way an H was added. Opet is the city on the moon in the book, so I guess it means "City of the Moon."

The Moor - Related Questions

There is an error on your site

If the error is in the design or implementation of the site, email me, because I probably don't know about it. If the error is an untrue fact somewhere on the site, email me still, but you should probably provide some sort of evidence (so I can quote it when I make the change). If the error is in someone's opinion in the Song Musings section: (A) If it is your quote, and I misquoted it, I will fix it. (B) If it is NOT your qoute, and you belive they are wrong, then offer an alternative viewpoint, but I probably won't be taking the other one down.

Why is this site a bit slow to update sometimes?

Well, to be honest, there isn't too much Opeth news out there right now, as all of the big Opeth events have passed us by. Likewise, I am in college and, while I try to update the site when I can, sometimes it just isn't feasible. I turned uploading the tabs into a bigger project than it probably should be, but I'm working on it.

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