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Opeth Nominated For Classic Rock Magazine Prog Awards
Posted on July 26th 2012, at 5:25pm, by Larrik
Classic Rock Prog magazine have announced that for the Progressive Music Awards 2012, Opeth have been nominated in both the Best Live Act and Best Album categories!

Let's go help them out by voting:

(Storm Corrosion, Mikael's side project with Steve Wilson, is also nominated for Best Album)
Opeth Album and tracks revealed.
Posted on July 22nd 2011, at 1:17am, by Larrik
Opeth's new album is called Heritage, and will be released on September 19th, 2011.

1. Heritage
2. The Devil's Orchard
3. I Feel The Dark
4. Slither
5. Nepenthe
6. Häxprocess
7. Famine
8. The Lines In My Hand
9. Folklore
10. Marrow Of The Earth

Bonus Songs (Special Edition):
1. Pyre
2. Face In The Snow
Per Wilberg leaves Opeth
Posted on April 6th 2011, at 5:45pm, by Larrik
Opeth.com has announced that "keyboardist Per Wiberg has been relieved of his duties in Opeth as part of a mutual decision with the band." They go on to say that the rest of the band decided to kick him out, but he was going to leave anyway. Ooookay. No idea he was removed from the lineup, but I'm sure there will be details with the new album.

Speaking of the new album. Apparently Per actually finished all of the recording duties for the album before "leaving." Meanwhile, Opeth has a new secret keyboardist ready to come along with the tour, and potentially be a permanent replacement.

The end of the article also mentions that the new album should be out in the fall.
Evolution XX
Posted on April 5th 2010, at 4:07pm, by Larrik
Just want to post to say that I'm going to the Opeth Evolution XX show in NYC this week! See you all there!
Stirring Things Up
Posted on July 17th 2009, at 10:45pm, by Larrik
Opeth posted a bit of news yesterday that seemed innocuous enough at first:

"The Lotus Eater on Sony PSP game Saints Row"

That's big news for Opeth, right? Awesome!

The problem is... Saints Row for the PSP hasn't been announced. In fact, Opeth's three sentence news post is the most official confirmation there is that the game even exists.

So, congrats! Awesome! Hope you don't get in trouble!

Latest & Greatest
Posted on January 29th 2009, at 3:18am, by Larrik
Opeth's announced a new U.S. tour! (Yeah I'm American, so that's all I really pay attention to) Supposedly there may be more dates tomorrow as well.

Mikael and Fredrik also have recorded an instructional video on how to play Heir Apparent. I love those videos...

Finally, I've been passed a note that Mikael gave a video interview about various topics over at FaceCulture, as well as a special video about the song Burden.

Opeth Interview at FaceCulture
Posted on June 14th 2008, at 3:40pm, by Larrik
I've been informed of another Opeth interview, this time an in-depth video interview with Mikael over at online magazine FaceCulture.

From the site:
FaceCulture spoke to Mikael Akerfeldt from progmetal band Opeth about The Zombies, The Beatles, working with folk singer, hidden messages in cd booklet, start the album Watershed, departure of Peter Lindgren, his work, Peters tape with riffs, songwriting process within the band, not being an egomaniac and lots more.

Also on the same site there are a couple of other older Opeth, including one from the release of Ghost Reveries. Definitely worth checking out!

P.S. My internet was down for almost a week, or else this would have been posted sooner, sorry!
Opeth Article in Aquarian Weekly
Posted on May 20th 2008, at 11:57pm, by Larrik
I was passed a note today that Opeth is the featured band in Aquarian Weekly. Their website has an excellent lengthy conversation with Mikael and Fredrik. Its definitely worth a read.

(From the Article:)

The arrangements on the new album are far more complicated.

Mikael: It’s certainly a very complicated record, to the point where it’s exhaust[ing] to play. To play it, it’s exhausting. The first couple of rehearsals we did for it, I just came home, headache, tired, just went to bed. I was asking the other guys in the rehearsal room, ‘Do you get tired after rehearsals?’ They’re like, ‘Yeah, I pass out on the couch.’ It’s definitely, the arrangements are very complicated but it doesn’t really sound that complicated.
Site updated & song previews
Posted on April 30th 2008, at 1:30am, by Larrik
I've added the tracks from Watershed into the database. Now we can post musings and tabs for the new album.

Speaking of which, the Opeth Street Team got a sneak preview of two of the new songs, The Lotus Eater and Porcelain Heart. I must say, they are both excellent songs, with plenty of new twists on classic Opeth.

The Lotus Eater is the standard Opeth heavy song of the pair, and for me it has a very fast train-like quality to the music. Mikael hits us with a constantly changing parts that never let up, and a much tighter back-and-forth between growling and clean vocals than we normally see. Of the 8:50 runtime, there's really only a little less than 8 minutes of actual music, though.

Porcelain Heart is arguably the heaviest Opeth song that doesn't have any growling parts at all. It's very good, although the main riff sounds a lot like the main riff in Grand Conjuration (this new one is much better though). At 8 minutes long, it easily keeps pace with Lotus Eater or most other Opeth classic songs, something I feel no other clean-vocals-only Opeth song has achieved before.

We aren't going to be disappointed. I promise you.
Posted on February 6th 2008, at 12:14am, by Larrik
Good news, everyone!

Opeth has announced their 9th studio album, or "observation" as they call them.

Track listing:
1. Coil
2. Heir Apparent
3. The Lotus Eater
4. Burden
5. Porcelain Heart (co-written with Fredrik �kesson)
6. Hessian Peel
7. Hex Omega

Also, they've recorded three cover songs, for some reason:
-"Bridge of sighs" by Robin Trower
-"Den st�ndiga resan" by Marie Fredriksson (Swedish)
-"Would?" by Alice in Chains

Opeth.com is promising a spring 2008 release, but no firm date has been set yet.
Exciting News!
Posted on August 30th 2007, at 2:05am, by Larrik
Opeth just announced a live album! Coming October 22nd, a 2-CD live set, covering every album except Deliverence. Oddly enough, it's being released by their old label, Peaceville Records.

Also announced for early next year is an HD-quality live DVD, featuring scores of interviews with the band and its fans.

Current tracklisting is (may not be in order):
CD 1
1. When (My Arms Your Hearse)
2. Ghost Of Perdition Ghost Reveries)
3. Under The Weeping Moon (Orchid)
4. Bleak (Blackwater Park)
5. Face Of Melinda (Still Life)
6. The Night And The Silent Waters (Morningrise)

CD 2
1. Windowpane (Damnation)
2. Blackwater Park (Blackwater Park)
3. Demon of the Fall (My Arms Your Hearse)
Site Upgrade ** Updated**
Posted on August 3rd 2007, at 10:54pm, by Larrik
For some time there have been a few things bugging me about this site. I built it as a sort of exercise back when I was still a student programmer, but I definitely could have done a few things better.

So, this is the start of a sequence of tweaks I'm making to improve the site. The most important new feature is the "Newest Musing" in the top right corner of the site. Previously, new musings were pretty hard to find, which made it pretty difficult to justify posting one. Hopefully this will be better for everyone around.

Other changes are mostly minor, including some bug fixes, a few security fixes, and shuffling some things around.

Hopefully more changes will be forthcoming, including the ability to post musings without being registered, and maybe some serious navigation and art overhaul. We'll see how it goes, though.

** Update Aug 03 **
I've dramatically improved the navigation page for the Song Musings and Tablature sections, along with a few behind-the-scenes tweaks.
Peter Lindgren leaves Opeth!
Posted on May 20th 2007, at 5:46pm, by Larrik
Peter Lindgren, lead guitarist for Opeth for as long as it mattered (16 years), has decided to leave Opeth. He has been replaced by Fredrik Åkesson (Talisman, Arch Enemy), who Mikael Åkerfeldt considers to be "one of the top 3 guitar players out of Sweden."

Peter's reasons for leaving are reportedly largely due to the huge jump in the amount of touring the band has gone through over the past years. Interestingly, this is the same basic reason he provided to Martin Lopez's troubles with the band back in my interview with him in January 2006. The entire text of his statement (and Mikael's statement) can currently be found here.

Personally, I'd rather they scaled back the touring to try to keep Peter, but touring is likely their main source of income. Still, it used to be years between visits to New England (where I'm from), but lately they'll return sometimes within a few months of the last visit.
The burdens of traffic.
Posted on January 25th 2007, at 2:47am, by Larrik
I was going through the site statistics, when I noticed that my hidden Demon of the Fall movie was getting a LOT of traffic. On further inspection, it seemed that a video site was showing the movie using my bandwidth, and offering the code to let other people use the movie in their MySpace and personal websites. I hate to kill their fun, but I can't really have this going on. So, I've taken steps to remove access from outside of this webpage.

By the way, if you go to Google, type in "opeth fan site" and press "I feel lucky", you get a nice surprise! -Larrik
New Releases
Posted on December 9th 2006, at 5:25pm, by Larrik
I've been neglecting the site lately, but there is some news to report.

Opeth has not one, but two new releases out in the past couple of months. Opeth.com reported that Opeth re-released Ghost Reveries with a bonus track and a bonus DVD. I haven't gotten my hands on it yet, so I'm not sure what's really on the DVD.

Also, which Opeth.com did NOT report, probably due to their record label, Opeth's old record label Koch has released an Opeth "box set", which features Blackwater Park, Deliverance, Damnation, and Lamentations as slim CDs. That's right, Lamentations is available on CD. Regrettably, Blackwater Park does NOT feature the two bonus songs that were released previously, and there are no extra features in the set. It IS a cheaper way to get a friend (or yourself, for the newbies) up to speed with their Opeth collection.
New Forums!
Posted on July 14th 2006, at 1:32am, by Larrik
I've installed new forums! I switched software to phpBB, so you all have to re-register. I kept the forums simpler, since all those catagories last time were more of a burden than anything else. Everybody rush over and get some conversations going!
Posted on July 7th 2006, at 11:53pm, by Larrik
The forum has been hacked. This isn't the first time that's happened to me, but unlike last time, I'm actually planning on fixing this one.
Posted on June 20th 2006, at 3:02am, by Larrik
Over the course of the last week, my daily spam on my mooropeth.com account has risen from one every few days to 10-12 per day. So, to be sure I don't delete your emails, please make sure to include Opeth in your subject line.
Posted on June 1st 2006, at 4:45am, by Larrik
While this hardly qualifies as a blog, I thought I would mention that this Saturday (June 3rd), I Larrik, am getting married to my fiance of five and a half years, Lisa. We're both very excited about it, and no, she isn't an Opeth fan (yet).
Martin Lopez Leaves Opeth
Posted on May 18th 2006, at 10:24pm, by Larrik
As alluded to in my interview with Peter, Martin Lopez has left Opeth. His replace is, unsurprisingly, Martin "Axe" Axenrot.

Now let's all go to the forums to make jokes about Mikhael's obsession with Martins.
Set list
Posted on February 22nd 2006, at 4:52pm, by Larrik
By request, here is the unofficial set list from the current U.S. tour (sorry it's a little late):

Ghost Of Perdition
White Cluster
The Drapery Falls
The Grand Conjuration
Under The Weeping Moon
The Baying Of The Hounds

Demon Of The Fall
It's up!
Posted on February 10th 2006, at 11:43pm, by Larrik
The interview can be found here, in the brand new Articles section. (Alright, it MIGHT be a renaming of the broken Reviews section...

Anyway, enjoy!

P.S. I had originally planned to detail a lot more of the events leading up to the interview... but I didn't. Sorry.
Transcription Complete!
Posted on February 10th 2006, at 11:22pm, by Larrik
I have finished transcribing the interview, and now only need to format it before you may feast upon its wholesome goodness.
Posted on February 5th 2006, at 9:36pm, by Larrik
I'm about halfway through transcribing this monster of an interview, and I hope to have it up in a few more days. In the meantime, I figured I'd give you crazy Opeth fans a preview question, chosen somewhat randomly, and not really edited well (yet).

Now, for a more personal question: what is it that you look for when you go about choosing a new guitar?
Ah! Well, I think, you know, it has to look cool, otherwise I wouldn’t fall for it. But, also, I think, since we’re doing quite many live shows, it has to be, it has to stay in tune, it has to sound good, and also it shouldn’t be too fragile. I play the PRS guitars because they, they have all that, you know, they stay in tune and they never break, sort of. And they look, they sound good and they look good enough. I think that the Les Paul is, that’s my favorite guitar of all time, but it doesn’t stay in tune as much as the PRS guitars do. And they’re also really fragile: I’ve broken necks on two Gibson guitars. The amount of tours that we’re doing, I’m just going to end up with all my guitars broke, so that’s what I’m looking for in a guitar.
Opeth Interview
Posted on February 2nd 2006, at 2:47am, by Larrik
Well, earlier today I interviewed Peter Lindgren, from a small underground band you may not have heard of. It ended up being 25 minutes long, so I have a lot of typing to do. Peter was absolutely great, and gave us some great answers. I'll be posting it as soon as its done.
Posted on January 31st 2006, at 8:09pm, by Larrik
I just found out I have a phone interview with Peter from Opeth tomorrow! If there is anything you'd like asked, email me!
Big Tour
Posted on January 27th 2006, at 4:47am, by Larrik
Opeth's second US tour for Ghost Reveries is coming up, and it's shaping up to be a big one. Looks like three of the dates are of the "an evening with Opeth" variety, with no opening act, and a chronological setlist (ie. they start with Orchid and end with Ghost Reveries...). New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles are going to get a great show!

It looks like Opeth will be coming a bit closer to yours truly than usual, stopping at the Webster Theater in Hartford (a place my band Gulgotha has played quite a few times), instead of the usual Worcester Palladium. I haven't heard any reason for the change, and it came as a bit of a surprise, but it's better for me. I'll see what I can do about doing something special for the show...
A Long Time
Posted on December 9th 2005, at 8:18pm, by Larrik
Sorry it's been so long between posts, but things have been hectic.

I ended up going to a show the night before Halloween, which was completely awesome. Those guys go on WAY too late, though.

For their European Tour, I've just received a link to an e-card, found here, which seems to have been made by the label for their supporting act Burst. Check it out.

According to Opeth.com, Opeth has recorded a trio of songs for an upcoming special edition of Ghost Reveries (I hate special editions), featuring "The Grand Conjuration," "When" (woot!), and "Soldier of Fortune" (Deep Purple). Could be interesting...
More Opeth dates
Posted on September 4th 2005, at 11:15pm, by Larrik
Eduardo Buccianti writes:
Hey, I have two dates for the Opeth U.S. Tour that you don't have on
your site. They are:

November 5 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
November 9 - Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues

I can tell you November 9 is for sure because that's the one I'm going
to and it's listed on the House of Blues website. I can't wait!!!
Also, I've altered the site to feature the last three news posts, rather than just one. I felt that news could run off the page too fast, or that I would delay posting to ensure the previous post lasted long enough. This way, I don't really have that problem.

Finally, if you ever come here and see things looking crazy, it's probably because I'm editing the site. I don't currently have a test server, so all my changes to the code and such happen here, on the live site.
Site modfications
Posted on September 4th 2005, at 2:46am, by Larrik
Lyrics have been posted for Ghost Reveries, which can now be found in the Song Musings section. Tell me what you think!

Also, I've added "Next" and "Previous" song buttons in the Song Musings section, to make for easier navigation.
Posted on September 2nd 2005, at 3:53am, by Larrik
Regular long time visitor Karlitos has informed me that he saw an Opeth commercial on TV! Can anyone get me some footage?

Also, Opeth's American tour has begun to be announced! So far the following dates have been posted:

Site Update
Posted on September 1st 2005, at 3:40am, by Larrik
I updated the site with places for the new album and its songs. Now would be a great time to post in your thoughts of each song as you are listening.

I have a design for a quick change I want to make to the website. Hopefully soon I can find a chance to implement it.
It's Out!
Posted on September 1st 2005, at 1:09am, by Larrik
The album is out! Weird, there's no Opeth logo on it...

Also, I had said Disturbed was coming out, but when I got to the store I discovered it isn't coming out until ther 20th. On the plus side, I discovered that Bruce Dickinson has a new album, so I picked that up instead, along with the Simpsons Season 6 I didn't know existed. Score!

I'm planning a little site upgrade soon, but in the meantime, I need you tabbers out there to start sending in some tabs from Ghost Reveries!
Tomorrow is the big day
Posted on August 29th 2005, at 12:30pm, by Larrik
Tomorrow, August 30th, is the day Ghost Reveries comes out. The competition is pretty fierce, with both Disturbed and Nevermore releasing excellant albums on the very same day. In my opinion, though, Opeth's album is the best.

So, all us Opeth fans need to give Opeth some great opening week sales! The album is absolutely great, and you won't be disappointed.
Posted on July 24th 2005, at 5:48pm, by Larrik
Yeah, those two tracks I've been listening to? They're both completely awesome! There's plenty of acoustic (alleviating my earlier fears), new styles of singing, and its very heavy. August 30th just can't come fast enough!

Seriously, go to http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/opeth and start listening!
New Music
Posted on July 21st 2005, at 3:22am, by Larrik
So the official date for Ghost Reveries is August 30th, which is about as soon as I could have hoped. RoadRunner Records has a downloads of a song or two, so head over there and check it out! I heard The Grand Conjuration earlier from Sirius, and it's pretty awesome, yet pretty different. If any one word can describe that song, it's heavy. If this song is an indicator of the album, there won't be much debate about which album is the heaviest anymore.

The only fear I have with the album is the possibility of them replacing most of the acoustic parts with keyboard parts, which this song hints at. We'll see come August!
Ghost Reveries
Posted on June 19th 2005, at 1:21am, by Larrik
Ghost Reveries (link leads to cover art) is the name of the next Opeth album, which is due out this August / September, according to Opeth.com. The tracklisting is as follows: (around 65 minutes long)

Ghost of perdition
The baying of the hounds
Beneath the mire
Reverie/Harlequin forest
Hours of wealth
The grand conjuration
Isolation years

Personally, I'm looking forward to it with much anticipation.
News from the Front
Posted on May 4th 2005, at 9:27pm, by Larrik
Opeth.com dropped a few bombshells on us within the past few days. Apparently, Opeth's travelling keyboardest, Per Wiberg, is now an official member of Opeth. Judging from seeing him live once and the Lamentations DVD, I'd have to believe this is a very positive step for Opeth.

More surpring was a name which wasn't mentioned: it seems that, contrary to earlier reports otherwise, Steve Wilson is NOT helping to make the next album. No word on what happened there, but its easy to speculate, as Wilson is in a band of his own and Opeth does have a resident keyboardist now.

New Album News
Some early details about the album are given as well, with a report of NINE songs recorded and being finished up as we speak. The only other album with at least nine tracks is My Arms Your Hearse (excluding special editions), so this is a rather significant development for Opeth. Also, we have a release date of August/September, which is excellant news. Finally, it looks like some "North American" journalists will go and listen to the new album, which makes me jealous. Of course, I don't beieve anything a journalist says about an upcoming album anyway, and if you want to know why, go find a preview of St. Anger.

Still no report on who the label is. I don't see what difference it makes to fans either way, but whatever.

...And Then You Die
In personal news, my online comic book has begun updating on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, which is a bit quicker than I had originally announced. Also (don't tell anyone), it looks like we'll be heading to the ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT, so if you happen to be going there, stop by and say hello.
All is Revealed
Posted on April 25th 2005, at 4:22am, by Larrik
I've dropped some hints before about me working on another project, and now it has officially launched. Behold, AndThenYouDie.net! It is an online comic book, and it's looking pretty damn good so far. Check it out yourself (and no, it hasn't a damned thing to do with Opeth).
All Tabs Online
Posted on April 10th 2005, at 1:37am, by Larrik
All the tabs are online. Sorry for the delay, I've been working on another project that will be launching soon, and you may or may not enjoy (it has nothing to do with Opeth).

I'm missing a few Damnation tabs (Death Whispered a Lullaby, To Rid the Disease, and Weakness). I've seen some on other sites (like taborama.com), but while I have no issue with taking the stuff submitted to Opeth's Domain, I'm not in the habit of stealing from active sites. So, if you are the author of a tab and you could submit one for me, that would be crazy awesome.

Soon I'm also going to change a few minor things on the site (making it more Google friendly). If there's anything that bugs you, drop me a line or post on the Forums.
My Arms, Your Hearse
Posted on March 23rd 2005, at 10:53pm, by Larrik
It turns out the US tour is seperate from the festival tours, so that's good news.

MAYH and Still Life tabs are up!

Let's generate some traffic back to the site and get some activity here. Recruit every Opeth fan you can and send them here!

(Edited 11:57PM 3-23-05)
Posted on March 19th 2005, at 6:10am, by Larrik
Morningrise tabs are posted. I guess I made the size of the author spot in the database a bit small, so it cut it off a few times. Oh well.

As I go through the site, I notice little things I can improve on. I'm greatly interested in hearing your opinions on stuff like that, and I think perhaps the best place to speak these opinions is in the forums.

Also, I added us to Wikipedia.
Getting started
Posted on March 17th 2005, at 2:32am, by Larrik
Well, we have our first Song Musing, which is an excellant example to follow. I hope to see more from you all soon.

Wikipedia has an excellant Opeth section, but it is missing one very important thing: A link to The Moor! The editing function is down right now, so if someone can help me out (ie. try again later), it would be much appreciated.

By the way, I have a ridiculous number of GMail accounts to hand out, so if you want one, give me a yell.
Orchid Tabs posted
Posted on March 15th 2005, at 4:59am, by Larrik
I found a few minutes and posted up the Orchid tabs so you guys can take a peek at what the tab section looks like. Remember, if you want to see other tabs, the old site is still available here. Also, I'd love to hear feedback and improvement ideas about the new site. The Open Forums in the Message Forums seems like a good place, but you are welcome to email me as well.
Finally getting somewhere
Posted on March 15th 2005, at 2:24am, by Larrik
So, yeah. Got the user sign up working, I think you'll find it's pretty sweet. There's no terms of use or anything yet, but I think it should be clear: don't mess with my site, and you'll be fine.

I still haven't uploaded the tabs yet (and I'm not looking forward to it), but that's the last thing I need to do to make this site mostly complete. Otherwise, there's a few upgrades I need to make down the line.

I look forward to your Musings! Enjoy the site!
New Site
Posted on March 14th 2005, at 5:05am, by Larrik
So, finally the long-awaited changes to the site is here. We now have a user membership system, where our users are free to post Song Musings and Tabs without the painful process of emailing them to me. As of this writing, no tabs or musings are posted, although you can find them at the old site for the time being. In the meantime, go ahead and sign up and post. (note: this user account has nothing to do with the forum account.

The site may gain functionality in the future (for instance, only text tabs can be posted now), and I'm certainly open to suggestions about even small details. You can either email me or head over to the forums to speak your mind, even if you just want to say something is cool or somethign sucks. Also, the album covers will be up eventually.

In other news, I can't access Opeth.com, but from what I hear, they are entering the studio this week, and will tour the US this summer. On the web, I have been given the disappoint rumor that these will be festival dates, with Lamb of God as the headliner. Hopefully we can see the new album this fall or so, and a real tour to support it.

P.S. Creating a user account isn't working yet, I hit a strange error that didn't occur on my test site. I will have to fix it tomorrow night. Sorry.
Damnation Tabs
Posted on November 7th 2004, at 2:00pm, by Larrik
Two new tabs posted on the site, and you can find them here (Closure and Ending Credits). Thanks to Finnbogi the Icelander. Also, Opeth has posted a new journal in their bio section on the official site. I hope to revamp the site in the coming months to automate a few processes both on the surface and in the inner workings. I haven't actually started yet, but the designs are in the works.
Melinda Åkerfeldt
Posted on September 21st 2004, at 1:00pm, by Larrik
The newest member of opeth has been born: Melinda Åkerfeldt was born on 9-13, and is the first child from the opeth camp. Also, Peter got married. Currently no news on any upcoming record deals, but Opeth.com assures us all that the next album is coming and is still on track.
Opeth Loses Label
Posted on August 21st 2004, at 1:00am, by Larrik
Reports from Opeth.com say that Music For Nations have officially closed their doors, and "luckily" Opeth was dropped from BMG/Zomba. This means uncertain times for Opeth, with future albums and tours in potential jeopardy. Opeth has survived label changes before, so hopefully this time will be successful as well. Personally, I think BMG is foolish to drop Opeth. Opeth produces a far greater quantity and quality of music for a far cheaper cost than most bands could even imagine. They are an established name with an established fanbase, which counts for a lot in business. Oh well.
Opeth In Peril
Posted on June 29th 2004, at 1:00pm, by Larrik
Is Opeth in trouble?!? The Official Opeth.com reports that Opeth's record label, Music For Nations may be closing due to the merger between BMG (ug) and Zomba. At best, Opeth's contractual future is uncertain, and they may find themselves without a label. I don't know what will happen to the band if that does take place.
In better news, Mikael has recorded on the upcoming Porcupine Tree album, providing vocals and some guitar. Porcupine Tree is the band of Steve Wilson, the man who produced the last three Opeth albums, and is noticably vocal on Bleak and a few other Opeth songs.
In even better news, we have a recording time in mind for the new album: Spring 2005. What effect will the aforementioned merger have on this time table? Or on the release timetable?
Lastly, Opeth.com reports that there may be an audio version of Lamentations. I don't know if they mean a CD set or a DVD, but it should be interesting.
Reviews Section
Posted on June 27th 2004, at 1:00am, by Larrik
Notice the new section on the menu? Go ahead: click it, hate it, and then fix it by writing your own.

New England Hardcore and Metal Festival
Posted on June 26th 2004, at 1:00am, by Larrik
The New England Hardcore and Metal Festival DVD has been released (well, back on March 23rd), which features Opeth playing the Drapery Falls, and (presumably) an interview before the set. Reviews online are mixed, from very poor to great, with most of the complaints aimed at the vocal sound mix. The DVD is available on Netflix and Amazon, and presumably other places that sell music DVD's. It may, however, only have a NorthEastern American release, and I don't think it has any sort of European release at all. This DVD is also currently the only place to see former Opeth opener and current Ozzfest opener Lacuna Coil. On a side note, this was recorded at the very same venue that I personally saw Opeth play twice, although I wasn't at this particular show. The venue isn't very good for music, although Opeth is the only band that manages to sound good there. Look for a new section in the coming days (hopefully).
Tabs From Mr. Neil
Posted on May 29th 2004, at 1:00pm, by Larrik
I had some tabs sent to me by Mr. Niel, and those are now updated. They are a mixture of updates, new tabs, and corrections to other tabs, and you can find them for Advent, Wreath, Forests of October, Leper Affinity, Drapery Falls, Masters Apprentices, Godhead's Lament, and Windowpane. Big thanks to Mr. Niel! I also paid a visit to the official forums (Opeth.com), they are pretty active and Mikael posts there occasionally, you should check them out if you haven't. Feel free to inform them that you enjoy my site, but its cool if you don't.
First Song Musing
Posted on May 2nd 2004, at 1:00pm, by Larrik
Added our first Song Musing. I also might have added a surprise...if you can find it.

Opeth are now listed on the Download Festival page, and they will be playing on the main stage on June 5th. There are some strong names listed far lower than they are, so congrats to the boys for being big enough to be a main attraction!
Final Tabs Online
Posted on April 28th 2004, at 1:00pm, by Larrik
Deliverance tabs are online. I've recently begun managing the band Gulgotha, including their website, so combined with the crushing weight that is school finals, my work load is a bit heavy for a little while. Luckily I have someone helping me with the Gulgotha site, and I had enough time to put up these tabs. Damnation tabs are sparse right now... they are up, but I don't have too many at all. I'll probably try to tab them myself if I don't get any good ones soon.
Still More Tabs
Posted on April 18th 2004, at 1:00pm, by Larrik
Still Life tabs are online. Blackwater Park tabs are also online.
More Tabs Online
Posted on April 12th 2004, at 1:00pm, by Larrik
After too long, My Arms, Your Hearse tabs are online. I found an awesome bootleg video of Opeth playing Demon of the Fall live, I'm considering hosting it here, but it is 30 megs, and I don't actually have a media section yet.
Tabs Online
Posted on March 31st 2004, at 2:00pm, by Larrik
Orchid and Morningrise tabs are live. I also updated the F.A.Q. Also, a while ago I had added album art, in the form of a slideshow put together by my beautiful girlfriend. I put it on the main pages for the Song Musings and Tablature sections.
Forums Live
Posted on March 17th 2004, at 2:00pm, by Larrik
Forums are live...fill them up!
Posted on March 14th 2004, at 2:00pm, by Larrik
Reorganized the site just a little bit, mostly inspired by when one of the people who I was showing the site to didn't know what or who the hell an "Opeth" was. I decided not to be elitist, and have the site be useful for people who've never experiance "an Opeth." Oh, and say hello to the new F.A.Q. section.
More Setup News
Posted on March 5th 2004, at 2:00pm, by Larrik
Got the internal stuff working pretty well. I haven't had the time to toy with the message forum yet, and I don't see a need to rush it right now, but I'll get to it. More importantly, in the song and tab sections, the links into the individual songs work, but on those pages the menus do NOT work, so you will need to use your browser's back button to go back and then use the menu there if you like. I'm going to be fixing the Song Musings first, and probably won't get to the Tablature section until I am actually putting the tabs up (which will be in chronological order, don't worry, you won't need to click on every song hoping to find one I decided to upload). To be honest, I will probably get to the Message Forums first. The downside to the new system is that I cannot test the pages until they are on the server, so if you are browsing the site, and really weird stuff is happening, I'm probably playing with it.

I checked out the traffic to this site this month (all 5 days), and it's a bit higher than I expected, but the responses I'm getting is lower. I hope that when the content goes live I will get more feedback from my fellow Opeth-ites (we have GOT to figure out a good word for it, or tell me if there is already such a word.
P.S. The song section is now live again.
Posted on March 2nd 2004, at 2:00pm, by Larrik
The site has been moved to its permanent home, at www.MoorOpeth.com. Content-wise the site is still a bit thin, so feel free to email me with your thoughts and suggestions for the site. In the meantime, there are still a few things to take care of behind the scenes with the mechanics for the site, but I hope to get those squared away pretty soon. Afterwards, I will actually link to the tabs that I claim to have posted on the tabs page.
Site Open
Posted on February 28th 2004, at 2:00pm, by Larrik
Since Opeth's Domain is effectively dead now, I've decided to try and fill the void some. My biggest motivation is that I create a place where people can send in their tabs and even opinions of songs with more stability than a message board. Speaking of which, right now I do not have a message board, but I will probably eventually get one (after getting a more robust server). Until then, the official forums from Opeth.com and the Opeth's Domain forums are perfectly good places to go and hang out.

In the meantime, I need some art, some tabs, and some feedback to start this place off. Feel free to email me at larrik@sbcglobal.net.

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