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Serenity Painted Death
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Song Facts
Album: Still Life
Release Date: 1999
Track Title: Serenity Painted Death
Track Number: 6
Track Length: 9:14
Posted By TheLeperAffinity
I think this song tells the accounts of when the main character and Melinda run off into the night, but are eventually caught by the villagers. Melinda ends up being killed ('Red line accross her neck'), and in a rage the main character intends to kill them all ('All would die at my hands, choking in warm ponds of blood'), and is eventually taken down and taken back to the village ('Finally they come to collect me, from the bowels of sin').God, this album is great...\m/

Posted By Larrik
I'm not nearly as confident in my interpretation of this song as in for Face of Melinda, but I believe they are caught in the morning after their love-making, and then Melinda is executed immediately, but the main character isn't immediately executed. What happens next is either:

-Main character has a fit, already jailed, but eventually is resigned to his fate.


-Main character goes on a bit of a killing spree, and is eventually taken down.

Personally, I tend to think the first one, especially given White Cluster's "forgiveness" motif, and also the fact that a killing spree would be handled a bit different. "Each and every one would die by my hand" - I think that the "would" is a very strong argument for the first theory, but neither theory is fully proven.

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