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The Moor
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Song Facts
Album: Still Life
Release Date: 1999
Track Title: The Moor
Track Number: 1
Track Length: 11:28
Posted By Karlitos
I've only been listening to Opeth for about ten months now. The only albums I havn't really listened to are Orchid and Morningrise. But I have to say that The Moor pretty much epitomizes what Opeth is all about. Death metal, intimidating growling/screaming, beautiful clean singing and melodies, the list goes on and on. This track kinda has it all and the way it is put together and how the track develops is a freaking stroke of genius. The intro is perfect. Mysterious, dark, and ominous. The acoustic section is just beautiful, and sets you up perfectly for the sudden heavy stuff to follow. The first bursts of growling you here are intimidating and impressive. The music captures the mood of the narrative perfectly. The whole intro alone is...genius. There are so many twists and turns, so many diverse musical elements, and yet it all makes sense and flows wonderfully. The way the second verse is introduced is awesome. The music shifts slightly to reflect the change in the direction of the narrative (the narrating character has a flash back of sorts in which he reveals who he is, his past, etc.--"I was foul and tainted..."). At about the 7:22 mark, the song agains take a dramatic turn. The way the music flows into the next section (where he reveals his desire for Melinda) made me feel as if I was literally moving along with the music. The more I listen to it, the more it seems that the narrator is shedding some hard cast, which has been forged by all the shit he's had to endure, to tell the listener of his true purpose. When I listen to the part that falls between roughly the 9:11-10:10 mark, I envision a kind of seperate flash back sequence in which Melinda and the narrator were happy together. I wish to God I had the ability to better capture what it is I'm trying to say, but what can you do? I'm not sure what to say of the rest, partly because I'm too tired from trying to put the rest of my thoughts into words. This band is just too damn difficult to describe. In fact, I think I need an asprin and some sleep to replenish my brain power.

Posted By Seikojin
I see this song telling of a man who left a town and returned for the love he left; to find her married with someone.

The song goes into some minor detail about the main characters past being troubled letting us know it is a very bad thing to recant.

This kind of reminds me of a love in my life, odd as it is.

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